Hall of Fame - Batting | South Eastern Junior Cricket Association
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1100115052214838413036498100*Toby PallettEasts Piranhas2018/2019SEJCA Under 129 1Easts Scorchers
27915274091482210303647379Angus MorrisonRandwick Renegades2018/2019SEJCA Under 125 1Easts Scorchers
36811505321483841303648568*Alexander CoppingEasts Scorchers2018/2019SEJCA Under 127 1Easts Sharks
46811505201483841303650468*Oliver CarmontEasts Piranhas2018/2019SEJCA Under 1210 1Easts Cheetahs
56315040221483841303651763*Hayden McCarthyEasts Marlins2018/2019SEJCA Under 1212 1Easts Scorchers
6607911451483841303647960*George GianoutsosEasts Piranhas2018/2019SEJCA Under 126 1Randwick Renegades
75814645081482210303648658*Jonathon McDonaldRandwick Renegades2018/2019SEJCA Under 127 1Easts Marlins
85711505401483841303648557Thomas HarnettEasts Scorchers2018/2019SEJCA Under 127 1Easts Sharks
95610880341483683303650956*Ibrahim MohamedCoastal Barras2018/2019SEJCA Under 1211 1Easts Piranhas
105615040301483841303652856*Aston WeirEasts Piranhas2018/2019SEJCA Under 1214 1Randwick - RP Scorchers
115410880341483683303649754*Ibrahim MohamedCoastal Barras2018/2019SEJCA Under 129 1Easts Kookaburras
125214645081482210303648952*Jonathon McDonaldRandwick Renegades2018/2019SEJCA Under 128 1Randwick Superstars
135111505171483841303652651Noah GaussenEasts Sharks2018/2019SEJCA Under 1214 1Randwick Renegades
145017789561483841303649350*Alfie McCarthyEasts Sharks2018/2019SEJCA Under 128 1Easts Piranhas
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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