SEJCA & ISCC Semi-Final Fixtures & Rules information
Date of Event : Thu Mar 8, 2018 9:41AM



All semi-final match-ups, grounds and times have now been finalised. There have been a couple of changes from earlier in the week, so please be sure to double check all the details



  • The under 10's start at 12.30pm (20 overs)
  •  The under 11 & under 12's have been moved to now start at 9.00am (30 overs)
  •  The under 13 & under 14's matches start at 8.30am (36 overs) - seniors have ground in afternoon.
  •  The under 15 & under 16/17's now start at 10.00am (50 overs).



In addition to those rules clarified in last week’s story, just to confirm, if you have a large squad and want all your players to participate, as long as the correct number of designated batters, bowlers and fielders are adhered to, you can rotate your ‘extra’ players on/off the field. While they won’t bat or bowl, they can field.

Umpires will ensure all games run to time and there will be NO coaching from the sidelines.

As per SEJCA rule 11 (r), ISCC rule 11 (m) - Coaches should note that TIME is an important element of the game of cricket. Coaches should be particular NOT TO WASTE TIME during a match. Games should start on time; players should be encouraged to get through their overs at a reasonable rate and not waste time setting fields between overs; the next batsmen in should be ready. Times for breaks should be strictly adhered to. Drinks and change of innings breaks are not lunch breaks nor should they be used as coaching sessions. 

As per SEJCA & ISCC rule 12 (u) Coaches and managers shall not coach or otherwise assist players whilst the players are on the field and can be asked to stop doing so by an umpire, the opposing team captain, coach or manager. This rule should be strictly applied where the coach is fulfilling the role of an umpire. This rule does not apply to Under 8, Under 9, Under 10, or U11 competitions, unless such coaching is seriously disrupting play.

There shall be no such coaching in semi- final and final matches.

ISCC (U13-17) Rules

Teams must nominate 11 batters and 11 bowlers; and must nominate the non batting bowler, and non bowling batsman (12th man) plus any substitutes who can only field. 

Teams can play up to 14 players but the additional players can only field (not bat, bowl nor keep) and those players must be nominated before the match.

Team sheets MUST be exchanged BEFORE commencement of the game and given to the scorers.

Good luck to all the teams and please play in the spirit of the game.



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